Creative Classroom Strategies: Tools from Language Instruction -- 01/25/13

Learning a language requires hard work and practice. As a result, language instructors need to find creative ways to help learners practice the new language—ways that are fun yet effective. Relatively simple apps and tools can do this, and this approach holds promise well beyond language instruction. At this faculty forum, faculty members from three disparate disciplines will share a range of applications and techniques they use to help students acquire language skills: Persian, English and French. Peyman Nojoumian will show apps for language instruction. Eric Roth will share his experiences capturing video for second-language presentations. Colin Keaveney will demonstrate the workflow of using an iPad in the foreign-language classroom. Peyman Nojoumian is an Assistant Professor of Persian. He holds a Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics and an M.A. in Teaching Persian. He speaks frequently on the intersection of linguistics and language teaching. Eric Roth teaches at the American Language Institute. Before turning to teaching, Eric was a journalist and a Congressional aide. His degrees are in Media Studies and Philosophy. Colin Keaveney is an Assistant Professor of French. He holds degrees from Trinity College (Dublin), the University of Paris (Jussieu) and the University of California – Santa Barbara. He won the 2009-2010 Provost’s Prize for Teaching with Technology at USC